Plasmic vs Webflow

Here's what makes Plasmic a modernized web design tool and more open no-code platform.

Easier and faster.

Simpler and faster layout.

Full layout control, but built for humans rather than needing you to learn all the complexities and legacy of CSS layout.

Design across multiple screens at once.

While editing, always keep in sight what your design looks like across any screen size or other variant.

Customizable design systems.

Start with a pre-built set of complex design system components like Selects, then customize any aspect of these.

Advanced design.

Components, with variants and slots.

An extremely powerful and rich component structure that goes beyond symbols and overrides. Design with greater speed and consistency while building a true design system.

Style tokens and mixins.

Composable abstractions that let you define reusable colors, spacing, sizing, fonts, and more—and any bundles (mixins) of these.

Free-form drawing.

You can start by simply drawing on the screen without worrying about layout, then incrementally introduce layout and refine your design to be production-grade.

Extensible with code.

Bring your own code components.

Plug in any design system, data, and interactions/effects. Let editors drag and drop arbitrary components, and truly bring together design and engineering.

Apps as well as websites.

Go beyond websites and build your next rich, interactive, stateful application on top of any backend using Plasmic.

Zero lock-in with code eject.

Walk away anytime with the fully generated source files for your entire project.

Built for collaboration.


No more waiting on only a single editor at a time per project. Everyone can collaborate and directly make edits in real-time.

Teams and workspaces.

No more hunting for projects or asking to be invited to a project. Keep everyone on the same page across your entire organization.

Share across projects.

Import your design system components, images, icons, page layouts, and other assets across your team.

Open architecture.

Publish anywhere. For free.

Deploy to your choice of hosting infrastructure. Enjoy dozens of platforms that let you go live with custom domains for free.

Any CMS, commerce platform, and more.

Integrate with any backend, whether a third party like Airtable, Contentful, or Shopify, or whether it's your own REST APIs.

Integrate into existing stacks.

Plug your Plasmic designs seamlessly into any part of your existing website or application codebase.

Experience the difference.

See what no-code web design can be.
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