Say Goodbye to Data Overload: AI-powered Summaries of Your Store's Metrics

Tired of spending hours sifting through data and trying to make sense of complicated graphs and charts? Our AI-powered ecommerce analytics app simplifies the process by generating easy-to-read summaries of your store's key metrics.
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Key Metrics

Best-in-class insights on popular products, traffic sources, trending categories, conversion rates, customer demographics, and more.

Direct Data Integration

ShopBrief gets shop data directly from your shop source. No need to import data yourself.

Store Optimization

Get direct recommended actions that will help grow your revenue, customer retention and traffic.

Streamline Your Store's Analytics with AI-generated Summaries of Key Metrics

From Signup to Insights: Our Easy Three-Step Setup Guide

Add ShopBrief with a 1-click Shopify Install

To install our app via the Shopify app store, simply search for our app and click "Add app". Once installed, follow the prompts to connect your ecommerce store and start generating easy-to-read summaries of your key metrics.

Check in on insights generated by ShopBrief

To check your ecommerce store's insights using the ShopBrief app, simply log in to the app and navigate to the "Insights" section. There, you'll find easy-to-read summaries of your key metrics, such as popular products, traffic sources, trending categories, and more.

Follow shop recommendations to grow your business

By analyzing your ecommerce store's key metrics through the ShopBrief app, you can make data-driven decisions to build a better business. Use the insights provided to optimize your product offerings, improve your marketing strategies, and ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

Don't Drown in Data: Our AI-powered Briefs Simplify Your Ecommerce Store's Metrics

Make Informed Decisions.

Our app provides easy-to-read summaries of your ecommerce store's key metrics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your business strategy.

Discover New Revenue Streams.

ShopBrief helps you identify new revenue opportunities by providing insights on popular products, trending categories, and more. Use these insights to expand your product offerings and grow your revenue.

Make Faster Decisions

Our app generates easy-to-read summaries of your ecommerce store's key metrics, so you can quickly identify trends and make informed decisions. With ShopBrief, you'll be able to make faster, more effective decisions to improve your business.

Integrate and deploy anywhere.

The universal builder for any stack

JAMstack sites, headless storefronts, rich apps—bring Plasmic anywhere. Designed to interface deeply with code.

Extensible and hackable

Bring your own code components, design system, data, interactions, effects, and more. Extend Plasmic for your app.

Works seamlessly with your stack

Freedom to pick any framework, hosting, CMS, ecommerce platform—you own the full stack.

Total flexibility and freedom

Adopt incrementally, starting with one page or component. Eject full code any time with zero lock-in.

Performance and quality

Static build support. Image and bundle optimization. Clean code generation. Core Vitals best practices. And more.
Works with your tools and platforms.

Content creators: the page builder you'll enjoy using.

Adapts to content editors or designers.

Switch between powerful design tool with full pixel control, or easier-to-use content-editor mode that ensures brand adherence.

Creative freedom and speed.

Stop using a CMS to build highly visual landing pages, and stop waiting on developers to make adjustments. Drag and drop visually with design freedom to create stunning experiences.

Layout for humans.

You shouldn’t need to learn HTML/CSS to create beautiful, responsive experiences incredibly fast.

Unrivaled web design tool.

Multiplayer. Keyboard-first design. Components. Tokens. Variants. Responsive tokens. Built for speed. Editable built-in design system. Version history. And more.

Hit the ground running.

Grab a professionally designed template and go. Or use the Figma plugin to convert mockups into real web content.

Any data source, including built-in CMS.

Create structured databases of content with ease, including internationalized content. Or connect with any built-in integration. Drag and drop into your pages.

Design with dynamic data.

Pull data from any data source. No code required.

Dynamic data and content.

Design with data from any source, from CMSes to ecommerce product catalogs. Or use Plasmic's built-in high-performance headless CMS.

Drag in built-in data sources.

Query from CMSes, commerce backends, databases, APIs, and more without needing your team to write a single line of integration code.

Marketing teams: grow faster without code.

Deliver outcomes incredibly fast.

Create stunning, personalized experiences that drive conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty. Without waiting on development cycles.

Experiment and optimize with ease.

Design A/B variants, and create personalized journeys for different customer segments.

Connect with your key tools.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing website and marketing stack, from analytics to optimization to CMS to commerce.

Optimized for speed and SEO.

Page performance is revenue, and Plasmic is built for speed. Tailor SEO metadata and social media previews.

Take it global.

Create localized content for any region using Plasmic's built-in CMS with support for internationalization.
Case study: Intuit
Going to market in half the time with Plasmic.
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Have you checked out @plasmicapp — so far the best design tool for Product design I have used. If you would combine it with Pixelmators unique approach for image manipulation and Figmas vector drawing goodness we would come pretty far to a Product design powerhouse.
Product Designer
Schibsted Group
After trying out Plasmic for a bit I have to say it's already incredibly advanced. So many features done right - this is what the intersection of design/eng should look like!
Jan Six
UI Engineer
Plasmic is the tool I was looking for for years...the missing link in this universe. This is the reason I learned React. And their support is next-level.
Ernests Elksnis
Playing around with @plasmicapp and it is blowing my mind Exploding head. This is the future of web design!
Kyra Assaad
Product Designer
fellow UI engineers and designers, you should pay attention to what the folks over at @plasmicapp are doing. I've been using the beta and it is pretty excellent—this is certainly the future of component development.
Just received my access to @plasmicapp and the onboarding tutorial is legit 👌
Aarón García
UI Engineer
Got to try this out a few months ago. It’s absolutely incredible
Jed Bridges
Senior UX Designer
Wow did Webflow and Figma just have a beautiful baby?
Michael Pfister
Head of Product
This is going to be huge. UX--> UI-->React Code. Connected to @figmadesign, now Pixels for a visual designer have much more detail, code-connect and therefore thought. Time and efforts saved. The amount of faf and jibberish in product meetings will be reduced.
Saurabh Kabra
I only tested the beta version of @plasmicapp for a bit and I see incredible potential in this product. Surely one, if not the top place you (Including myself) want to work at, to shape the incredible future of design and development. Current market leaders should fear this one.
Marcus Richmond
Product Designer
We spent a year finding ways to let our creatives team quickly create landing pages themselves, because it takes too much dev time. We tried headless CMSes, but they were too painful for the team to use. Plasmic will be a necessity for any enterprise-scale React site.
Deniz Gunay
Web Developer
The Beard Struggle
By far one of the most empowering tools to come out in a while. If you’re a designer/no coder/visual developer who wants to make world class applications, or a design or development studio looking for a way to serve your clients better and faster—check out Plasmic.
Collin Thompson
Intrepid Ventures
Our designer is empowered to instrument pixel perfect, responsive design. And frontend developers can focus less on boilerplate code. From design -> code -> deploy only takes minutes. And the design is pixel perfect. We're now using Plasmic for our entire web app in production.
Marcus Ellison
I was pleasantly surprised and at times, blown away, with the Plasmic approach to solving the problem. The whole concept of variants, interactive variants, and slots feels natural and intuitive.
Justin Wilkerson
Software Developer
APS Physics
Watching @yaaang demo quickly creating #react components with ease using his app @plasmicapp for the second time tonight at a @_collab_lab exclusive presentation. AND I’m just as blown away as I was last time! Check out this app, y’all!
Stacie Taylor
Frontend Engineer
I'm super surprised more folks aren't talking about Plasmic — I just got a demo and it's awesome. It's like Figma and Webflow had a baby that outputs React code.
Matt Varughese
Exciting work going on at Plasmic.
Steve Sinofsky
Board Partner
Andreessen Horowitz
"Some people will say that an app like Plasmic doesn’t fit into their workflow, or that they don't need it because they are perfectly happy hand-crafting boilerplate code, and so on.
In my experience, these people don’t know what they are missing, and in a few years will have completely forgotten they ever doubted it."
Lincoln Anderson
Associate Design Director
352 Inc.
Went from mock to working exported code today for this app with Plasmic. Was going to take me FOREVER to do it otherwise.
Sam Pullara
Managing Director
Sutter Hill Ventures
This is what I like about this Figma to codebase tool 🥰 - You can design all the UI states and screen breakpoints visually - You can hook up your designs to real user data - It’s not throwaway code that needs to be rewritten by a developer every time you change a design
Linda Dong
Designer & Founder
Hidden Cities
After using this for about an hour, I'm convinced this is the future.
Max Gustofson
Design Director
In "traditional" software development, I've found teams are a bit accustomed to a slow handoff between design and engineering (engineers are handed photoshop/figma/sketch files and recreate things by hand). There's a huge opportunity for industry-wide impact with Plasmic.
Viet Truong
Software Engineer
Undead Labs, Microsoft
Really amazing work by the @plasmicapp team building a tool that seamlessly connects design and code. No more tedious back-and-worth between developers and designers on css attributes!
Lydia Gu
Software Engineer
So exciting to see Plasmic announced publicly and the progress the team has made so far! A new design tool that bridges dev & design by allowing designers+engineers to create or compose existing react components visually and generate production-ready react code!
Monir Abu Hilal
Principal Engineer
I have been testing Plasmic for the last 2 days , and I just have to say its AMAZING
Javier Fuentes Mora
Web Developer
The Plasmic design tool is fantastic, and the tutorial is perfect. Working through the code side next and thinking this may be the way I build apps now. The team was super responsive and agile too; sent a few minor suggestions via built-in chat and they fixed stuff live🤯
Brian Richins
Software Engineer
Software Technology Group
Really excited about this UI to React components platform. Definitely see a bright future!
Herminio Garcia
Software Engineer
Sidecar Health
Plasmic - Visual builder & design tool for React, Next and Gatsby | Product Hunt

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